Ball Cap Buddy, The Best Baseball Cap and Hat Washer

On Sale Ball Cap Buddy.   A great Made in the USA product that allows you to clean your hat and baseball caps with ease.  Quite simple to use that allows cleaning of many curve billed hats in the dishwasher as well as the laundry.  Keep your cap looking clean and new for much longer.  Washing out the grime and funk is easy. If you play any sports like softball the sportcap Buddy is a lifesaver .


Easy to use made in USA of high quality materials.
Each Ballcap Ball Buddy baseball hat cleaner allows you to wash your hat with ease in the house dishwasher or laundry machine to create the perfect curve.

Easy to Open,
Easy to Use.

The full-headed shape of the Ballcap Buddy™ is designed to:

• Protect the whole cap, not just the bill
• Keep the shape of the entire hat
• Clean flat & curved caps
• Keep hat from collapsing, allowing the inside to be washed
Ballcap Buddy™ Safely washes your sport hats in the top rack of the dishwasher. Gets your lid clean and still keep their shape! Now shipping Internationally.

Dave Fortney has been selling the Ballcap Buddy™ since the early 90's the Ballcap Buddy™ is sold in many major sporting goods and caps stores such as: Hat World/Lids, Academy, Sport Chalet, Just Sports, Big 5, Pro Image etc. Keep the Perfect curve and shape of your hats and wash them with ease.

Never use detergents as this will ruin the caps perfect curve as well as eventually destroy your hat as well.

Best Baseball cap washer there is.


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